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“Crime-Street-View is a New Crime Mapping Technology”

We are proud of introducing a new crime mapping technology called ‘Crime-Street-View’ that visualizes the crime pattern displayed by colors at street level instead of an overall general area. The new feature of the technology, differing from a ‘dot’ or ‘cloud’ crime mapping system, is that the crime patterns can be simply interpreted by looking at the specific street colors (e.g., low crime areas will be colored as green, high crime areas will be colored as red).

The ‘Crime-Street-View’ technology can be used for those who are seeking residences, businesses, and even for daily outdoor activities including jogging. The new crime-street-view technology can be used, not only by the local residents, but also by travelers to choose the safest routes.

“Colored Street Segments Shows Where the Crime Hot and Cool Spot is”

“Advertise Your Business Services, Products, and Properties on the Crime-Street-View Map”

Safety is the most important concern of local residents and aliens. The official ‘Crime-Street-View’ website includes property-related crimes (burglary, theft, vehicle), violence-involved crimes (homicide, robbery, violent), public disorder (drug, noises), and sex offender registry of 14 United States cities and 44 England provinces, Vancouver, Canada and Queensland, Australia

“Partnership can Improve Your Business Value”

Our company believes that the ‘Crime-Street-View’ enormously improves your business value by advertising your service, product, and property on the crime free/or less zone. The Crime-Street-View provides a user friendly crime viewing system that is very informative for the customers. I believe that the ‘Crime-Street-View’ technology can bring your business to the market with unique strength, and it will enable your business to be more competitive than other local businesses utilizing a ‘dot’ or ‘cloud or heat-map’ type crime map service.

If you are interested in doing business with ‘CrimeTeller’ or have interests in either purchasing the crime mapping technology license or the crime data resources (crime data, geological location coordinate vector), please let us know at, or contact us page (

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