Key Features

Find safest street in your area,
with real-time report from your communities


We help you to find safe area!

CrimeTeller provides a crime map at street level (crime-street-view). It uses a new geographic information system (GIS) technology (patent in pending). You can easily identify crime hot spots (red) and cool spots (green) in the area of your interest. It will help you to find the safest area for your residence, business and outdoor activities including your driving, bicycle trail and jogging route.


Report everything near you.
We make our society safer by our own

uReport is a interactive crime report system. You can report everything happened near you. It includes a crime, car accident, natural disaster, disease outbreak, and other community information (disorder, noise, and disturbance). You get a real-time report and inform to those who you care.


Free advertisements on a map

uAD is a free advertisement tool. You can advertise your business (apartment, real estate, restaurant, stores etc), as well as personal sales (yard, moving, garage sales, festival, sports and cultural events, etc). The safety info will attract more customers.

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